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Slither Away Ultrasonic Snake Repeller

The Solar Powered, ultrasonic, safe way to keep the snakes away!

Keep your family, precious dogs, and other pets safe from accidental encounters with snakes during the warmer months of the year.

Snakes on your property naturally gravitate towards loose leaf matter, long grass, and other spots that effectively keep them camouflaged. This can make them hard to spot, so sometimes just being aware that they "could" be around isn't quite enough to stay protected. For example, there can be serious consequences for a curious dog, especially if it's a breed with a natural prey-drive, who gets too close to a hidden snake.

That's where the Slither Away Snake Repeller comes in- these are the most effective product on the market for keeping snakes away from your home. Protect your residence, garden shed, carport, children's cubby house/treehouse, garden patch, acreage, and more.

How does the Slither Away Snake Repeller work?

Snakes don't have eardrums, so they "hear" by feeling vibrations in the ground through their jaw. The Slither Away Snake Repeller works by creating a vibration strong enough to suggest to snakes that they are feeling the movements of a large animal close by.

Because snakes mostly want to avoid confrontation with larger animals, they will instinctively keep away from the protected areas the vibrations from the Slither Away Snake Repellers create for you.

Unlike some other snake repellers on the market, which use only a single-frequency vibration, our Slither Away Ultrasonic Snake Repellers use variable frequencies. The easy-to-use, solar-powered devices do this by changing how often they emit vibrations. This is important, variable frequencies prevent snakes from becoming acclimatised to a single vibration (which they come to realise doesn't pose them a threat , and encourages them to move away.

Maximise your Protection Against Snakes

The Slither Away Snake Repeller has a 40m protection zone from snakes, and is 100% weather-resistant, ultrasonic, and solar powered. This means Slither Away will work all year around, and will last under the Australian sun. Fitted with both solar panels and a battery system, be assured your Slither Awaay Snake Repeller will work day and night to protect your home.

To get the most out of your snake repellers, and to effectively protect your property, we recommend the following:

1. Get snakes removed professionally first

If there are already snakes living in your garden, roof, or anywhere else on your property, then first please get them professionally removed. This helps avoid a “fight, flight or freeze” reaction from a snake. 

If you place a deterrent near a snake, they may either move towards the repeller in “fight” mode, or freeze. 

The most common reaction is for a snake to freeze as they don’t know where to go whilst they feel these new vibrations. 

With a snake “frozen” in place, you haven’t effectively deterred them from your property. So it works best to remove all snakes safely before you place the repellers.

2. Consider the layout of your property

Consider all pathways from which a snake could enter your property. 

If you have a driveway or path made of concrete, pavers or other rigid materials, a snake will use these to enter your property. 

Ultrasonic vibrations cannot pass through these solid surfaces, so you will need to carefully consider the devices’ placement to ensure you are covered.

3. Avoid desensitisation

A snake becoming desensitised to multiple vibrations is relatively rare (though still possible). 

Most snakes will move out of the area instead of getting comfortable with the vibration. 

Avoid desensitisation by preventing any snakes that do arrive leaving the area you want to protect, but please consider having existing snakes professionally removed first.

4. Install Repellers in the ground 

Deterrents work on most snakes that are moving along the ground. The device will not work if a snake is in a tree or roof. 


5. Keep your property maintained

Keep grass cut short and avoid having large piles of material (corrugated iron, firewood etc.) that a snake could use to hide. 

Ensure your shed is enclosed, sandpits for children are sealed and remove items that attract rodents (prey for snakes).


How many Snake Repellers do you need for your home?

Home and block sizes are different for all. Depending on the space you may need to use more than 2 snake repellers and purchase either a 4, 6 or 8 pack.

Please keep in mind the Slither Away Snake Repeller has a 40m protection zone.

Draw a map of your property and all driveways, pathways, structures and hard surfaces in it so you can find the best places for the snake deterrents.

Here are several factors you need to consider to have sufficient coverage.:

Soil types: If the soil is sandy, or has fine stones through it, deterrents need to be 10m apart. 

Pathways & driveways: If you have pathways made of concrete, gravel, pavers, bitumen or other hard materials, the repellent will not work through it effectively. You will need a repellent on either side to effectively deter snakes.

Multi-levels: If you have multi-levelled ground, you will need snake deterrents on each level as the vibrations won’t travel between them.

You also need to consider how you will be protecting your property.

Protect immediately around your house: Depending on how large your property is, a deterrent placed at each corner could be sufficient. You want to provide overlapping vibration between the deterrents. 

The snake deterrents work best when they are away from the walls, as they cover a more significant area.

Protect your entire property: Forming a barrier along your fence line is key to protecting your whole property. Ideally, do not place the repellents more than 25m apart.

Protecting one direction: If snakes are only coming from one direction, i.e. neighbouring grassland, place deterrents along that boundary.

Property Size Amount of Snake Repellers
Townhouse & Small Courtyard Twin Pack
Small Outdoor Area Twin Pack
Medium Front Yard & Backyard 4 Pack 
Medium Isolated Area (Shed, Back Lawn) 6 Pack 
Large Front Yard & Backyard
8 Pack
Livestock Paddock 8 Pack

Snake Repeller FAQs:

I’ve seen photos of snakes wrapped around snake repellers, do they really work?

Yes, our snake repellers do work. Unfortunately, there are single vibration frequency snake repellers on the market, which snakes can get used to. Our Ultrasonic Snake Repellers use variable frequencies, and this is effective in deterring snakes.

Can snakes get used to the vibration?

Yes, a snake can become desensitised to the ultrasonic vibrations; however, this is rare.

It takes prolonged exposure to the vibrations to become desensitised, and the only way this would happen is if the snake is trapped in your snake deterrent boundary.

Ensure all snakes are removed from the area before you install snake deterrents, and you will avoid this issue.

Do they repel lizards, frogs, toads, birds, pets etc.?

No, snake repellers are designed to deter snakes only.

Do the snake repellers work on all snakes?

Our snake repellers work on most snakes that are moving along the ground. A young, juvenile snake may react to the ultrasonic vibrations poorly.

I found a snake in my backyard, does that mean the device doesn’t work?

You likely need to adjust the placement of your snake repellents.

Ultrasonic vibrations will not go through concrete, pavers, bricks, bitumen or gravel, and their radius will decrease if the topsoil is loose, has lots of stones, has lots of sand or is cracked.

Mapping out your property is key. Make sure you have repellents on each side of a pathway, driveway or large structure to ensure the radius is protected.

Think about the ground you’re placing the deterrents in, if it is like the examples listed above, move the deterrents closer together to increase your protection.

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