Comparison Guide

Compare the Aetertek product range to see which device best suits your dog and particular needs.

Aetertek 919C Remote Dog Training Collar
Aetertek 918C Remote Dog Training Collar
Aetertek 216 Remote Training Collar
Model AT-919C AT-918C AT-216D
Static Correction
Vibrate Correction
Beep Correction
Adjustable Static Level 0-10 0-9 0-7
Remote Range 1000m 550m 550m
Auto Anti-Bark
Rechargeable Remote
Remote Battery Life 15 days 25 days 25 days
Rechargeable Receiver
Receiver Battery Life 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days
Submersible Receiver (IPV7)
LCD Display
Inbuilt Flash Light
Multiple Dogs 2 2 3
Suitable Dogs M & L M & L S, M, L
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