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Exactly what I needed. Great unit and case for it.

Well worth the money

Using auto bark stop my 60kg + dane x mastiff over night n a great training tool as well

Totally satisfying

Very impressed with this.

Great product

We are extremely happy with the training collar. We purchased the collar as last hope from stopping our dog jump the backyard fence everytime she went outside. We did not want to spend a fortune on extending our fence. The training collar was a cost effective product. Since buying the collar she has not jumped the fence, we could not be more happy with it!


Hi there I was just looking at how to contact you and this email came through. Please can you call me as one of my receivers is malfunctioning. It is continually vibrating and will not respond to the transmitter. Ph no 0416 038 326

Aetertek Auto Bark Control Collar (AT-919A)


Actually bought the collar to replace the old split training collar I had but unfortunately I mustn’t have ordered the right one as it is far too narrow for the training heads that I have. Is there a wider collar for the trainer heads. Apart from that it is a great strong collar. Ideal for living near the beach.

Dog collar

Some times it drops out and doesn’t work for a few press of the remote and then it works perfect, good for price

Fantastic stopped our pup from barking and jumping up on our young kids in a week

Hell yer

Great product easy to use very effective my dog responds extremely well to the collar and so far have not needed to use the shock AAA

AETERTEK AT-216D™ Dog Remote Training Collar

To give some perspective, we have had the Trainer for only 14 days. Having said that, overall it is a good product that works well and appears reliable. Wer have achieved good results with it.
But some feedback to improve the trainer,
1: the collar included is low quality and cheap. We replaced it immediately with a better quality collar with easy use clips and adjustments. It has proved more comfortable for our pup and far easier to use.
2: the Dog Selector button on the left side of the transmitter is a little too sensitive. resulting in the button being unintentionally pressed and therefore either recalling the wrong dog or if only the one dog.Not working at all. I sugest either placing the button elsewhere on the Reciever or making it more difficult to accidentally activate.
I intend these two pionts to be minor improvements. I repeat overall it is a good training collar and I would not hestitate to recommed it to anyone else.

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar

Works very well

Very Helpful Customer Service

Great customer service and very helpful, wouldn't buy it from anywhere else.

The collar works great, the only part that is difficult to work out is wether the collar is on barking mode, as the instructions are not very clear, also maybe an on/off button would be better than trying to connect the circles.

Anxious dog

Our beautiful dog is very anxious and we never took the time to train her as a puppy. I bought the collar before we went on holidays. Instead of barking or growling at people and dogs walking by she ignores them. I’ve only ever had to use the sound and then positively reinforce good behaviour. Amazing. Wish I’d bought one years ago.

Good affordable remote collar

Yet to fully test as my pup is a bit too small for collar. Setting up was a bit fiddly by the book but videos helped heaps. I have used antibark collars for 15 years and this one hasn't disappointed.

Great product does the job, and easy to use

Remote Training Collar for Extra Small Dogs

Sensational service

We needed a replacement remote, which arrived in Tassie two days after I called. Fantastic after sales support and so helpful!!!

Great collar

Love this collar easy to use and great you can recharge too

Aetertek AT-919C Dog Training Collar

Great tool, my boy has responded very well, he only needs the beep or vibration mode. Has really good range of distance.

AETERTEK AT-216D™ Dog Remote Training Collar

Life changing

Two weeks ago we were ready to say goodbye to our 6 month old puppy due to his constant barking at all hours of the day and the stress this was causing us with our neighbours and within our family.
Since using the AT-919A auto bark control collar we now have control of the situation and finally have some peace - and our dog has completely changed his ways!
I cannot rate this product highly enough and am so happy with our purchase. This collar is literally a life saver.