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Great product fast posting as well 👍

Dog Training

We recently bought the Aetertek AT-216D dog training is remarkable only need to use the buzzer and the response is immediate. The only criticism is that the manual that came with it was different to the model we bought. But all was ok after I downloaded it..all made sense then. Thinking of purchasing another one.

Works a charm

Bought a collar that was supposed to vibrate whenever my dog barked, but his thick fur prevented it from working properly. I then bought the AT-216D with remote - what a difference. Not only can I use it to help train my dog, but it works, even with his thick fur. In addition, having a shock function, and the option of setting the Starting with a lower intensity level is also helpful - sometimes all you need is a gentle reminder, but once in a while, you need a firmer touch. You have the control.

Training collar

Very happy with this product.

Electric dog collar

Works well, good value for the price


The best training collar finally one that does as it says. Great product very happy.

Great product

Fantastic work first time every time

As described works well


Was very hesitant buying this for my hyper-vigilant border collie but was drawn to it because it’s 3 level correction system, meaning I didn’t have to use the shock component if I didn’t want to. The first time we used the beep function she retreated from the object she was hyper fixated on straight away, and in the days that followed her barking and misplaced aggression reduced dramatically! We have only had to use the vibrate function 3 times, the beep is now enough to correct her most of the time. The collar has honestly changed our life-and hers- for she is a much more relaxed dog since using this collar.

puppy training

We ordered AT-216D - owners manual was for AT-919C so was a bit confusing to get started. Once we worked out how to get the system working it has been very good. Puppies are learning very quickly where they aren't allowed to go. We have tried various systems over the years and this is the most successful restraint system we have used.

AETERTEK AT-216D™ Dog Remote Training Collar

Great product

My dogs responded immediately to it. We have 2 koolie working dogs, 1 8mths & 1 4 mths. We now have more control of them around stock. We only had to use the zap once and now only use the vibrate or beep.

Bark Control

These collars are very effective in reducing barking (much more so than any other brand we have tried) and also when wanting to get the dogs' attention when they are out of sight. We have taken the extended contacts off the collars as we very rarely need (or want) to use the static shock - but if it is needed we find that even the "bare" ends of the contacts are sufficient to impart the signal.

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar


It works great and has slowed our dog down


Brilliant service, brilliant product…thanks so much.

Amazing Product!

My dog barked none stop! Most of the time at nothing. He’s now not making noise, which is fantastic as I live in suburbia. He’s happy as ever and thanks to the Artertek collar we are too!

Great product, I also have a sport dog training collar and this functions at the same level

Replacement remote

It’s great that I could get a replacement remote, fast delivery and easy online purchase

Highly recommended

We have 2 Great Danes who WERE ignorant barkers. Just would not stop. Neighbours started to complain.
We put the Aetertek AT-919C Training collars on both dogs and only set the collar to the ‘beep’ only (not vibration/shock).
After remotely pressing the ‘beep beep’ button ONLY once on 2 separate occasions - both dogs stopped the incessant barking!
Truly - it really does work. My dogs are not harmed, the incessant barking has stopped and the neighbours are happy! Win Win.
Just wish we had bought them earlier.
Highly highly recommended.

Rib Fredrickson

Hi what’s the chance on a deal for for one more remote and 2 collers cheers


Noticeable improvement in a couple of days. The beeping is becoming enough most times now after a couple of low settings 1-3 with a over protective German Shephard. Recommend

Just what my dog needed to bring his attention back to what I was telling him. I only have to use the beep or vibrate. In such a short time he is a different dog.

Good at zapping

Have two boof head cattle dogs they just cop a zapping.. has settled them down around 70% stopped them scratching at the back door glass and destroying everything on site stopped them barking like crack heads charging around wrecking shit