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Brilliant product.

Awesome product. Easy to use and works a treat. Havent used the shock button yet as the vibration and audio tone is more than enough to break the dogs concentration and stop him from barking or misbehaving. Did test shock on myself on level 1..even that wasn't pleasant so can't imagine what kind of elephant would need level 10. Lol

Fast complaints at all

Customer Service

I needed to contact the customer service line via email. I received a prompt message back and whenever I needed assistance the company was only to happy to help! Great customer service . Thank you


I am happy with the collars its very useful to be able to correct behaviours on my two dogs from the one remote. My blue heeler can be a nuisance barker when i am out so the auto bark feature is perfect without having to swap collars around and keeps my neighbour happy. Its only a little disappointing that the battery life is so short and i have had some moments where the collar was not responding at times but otherwise it has worked well. My bull terrier is a little more stubborn so she does ignore it but after a couple taps on the shock she pulls up and will correct herself.

Pleased with purchase

Nicely presently product. I will admit I was concerned about using a collar of this type on my sensitive breed dog, a Vizsla. But with a move into town ahead I needed something to help with nuisance barking and also a few other bad habits that had become frustrating and that we were unable to stop with many other methods. I have mostly used the remote only to correct, and only needed the beep and vibrate to correct behaviour. I used the auto function once early on and it worked well however later in the week it was giving him a static shock randomly with no barking. Fortunately I was with him and removed it quickly. I haven’t used the auto function since. I’d appreciated to find out why this would happen? A couple of the behaviours we have/had issues with were consistent barking when we got in our cars, consistent barking when we were on the other side of a fence, even if 1 metre away. Scratching and barking at the back door to come in. There’s a few others but I started by correcting these 3 as they were the worst. To use. I began by saying no, if no response I pressed beep while saying no, then vibrate while saying no, etc. As soon as the behaviour stopped I rewarded him. Now I can say no and he listens! As with all training, timing is very important. I’m happy with my purchase. I hope we can sort out why the auto function failed. For this reason I deducted 2 stars - its a fairly significant failure.

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar

Be better that you could turn both off

The trainer

Fantastic product. Easy to use. Good battery life. All in a neat carry bag.

Dream dog

My 30kg American bully is a dream dog now. He only needs to hear the first warning to stop and listen to our commands. Should of got one sooner :)

Excellent for behaviour modification

My dog is a rescue and has only had the training I have provided as a novice owner (sit, stay, come, etc). We asked the RSPCA for a low energy, placid dog. I don't know what breed she is but I have since discovered she has a high prey drive and jaws of steel. We live in town and the majority of her time is spent in & around the house with trips to the park and games of fetch. We were going off to a sheep station recently acquired by relatives and I was worried about how she would react to the stock. Upon arrival I took her for a walk on the lead and true to form she tried to attack the first sheep she came across. After trying all the settings on my arm first, I put the Aetertek collar on her and took her for another walk on the lead, gradually increasing the collar's response (from sound initially then through to shock) until I found the right setting. I then took her off the lead and used the collar anytime she went to attack the sheep. After 10 days she was fine to go off on walks through the paddocks and be in the pens and ignore the sheep.


Seems to work well on my English Cocker Spaniel. His neck is quite small so there's a fair bit of excess of the collar but we just tuck it through at the back. Haven't yet witnessed it shock as the beeping and vibrating seems to be enough of a deterrent. Sometimes randomly beeps. Doesn't charge with the wall charger, I've had to use my phone plug.
Overall happy with purchase

AT-919A Bark Collar

Great collar, works well shame change in colour, orange was easier to find ☺

Great Product

Fast shipping and the product works great!

Training collar

Great product, works great,

Good product

Bought this product online for our blue heeler pup. I got the two dog version it is a vood product how ever i can only give it a 3 star as the second bark collor doesnt work properly or last as long other then that greqt product saw results instantly I didn't even have to use the bark side of it only the alarm and vibrate

Good for non stubborn dogs

Works great on one dog but the stubborn dog the highest level Dosent phase her one bit lol. But other wise very satisfied with the product :)

Very Happy

Works well


Its amazing will recommend to enyone

Pretty good system

I like the flexibility of being able to use it to train and also to help with excessive marking while out. I do wish could change the amount of warnings/vibrations but is good can choose the levels am yet to use it out and about to train with distractions but so far so good and it seems good quality

Aetertek Strap
Andy Trethewey
Good stuff.

Straps are good and everything thing else works well. Would be great if you can make one that can take more than two dogs with the long range remote.

AT-919A Review

While the unit works well as advertised, I have found that it takes awhile to activate the unit with the magnet.

Aetertek AT-918C Training Collar

Removed the static spikes and used it only as a vibration and tone collar. Had a 10 month old pup trained within 1 waking session. Works great.

The best thing ever

We have a beautiful and hugely intelligent husky X golden retriever. She knows a large amount of commands and obeys them without fail on the lead and in the home... However when off leash she feels compelled to let her inner cheeky husky out and pull a swift one and run off knowing EXACTLY what she is doing. It was getting so annoying, knowing that she knows exactly what she is supposed to do but just like her owner as a kid she chooses not too... Enter the aetertek... On it went... We didn't even bother training her first. When she disobeyed her first command we beeped, she didn't listen, then vibrated still didn't listen.... then (sadly) zapped.... and she knew exactly what had happened... The jig was up. The game was over. She came running back. Scratched her new collar. Looked at us and knew we had retaken control. We have been using it daily since then as an ornament. We rarely even use the beep button now. She is just enjoying reward based commands off leash now that she knows we have THE POWER! I'll be fascinated to see in a month or 2 when we try her without it whether or not she pulls a swift one again haha
Thankyou aetertek. This. Product. Is. Awesome.


Very happy with this collar, very effective .
Only “issue” would be the magnet for the on/off. Just hope I don’t lose it!

Training collar

Had one of these before. A good unit gives great backup as a training unit