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Top produced needed a new one as my dogs lost their collars and the handpiece got wet and had no display but still worked

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar

The Sooty Stopper

Works great. I'm unfortunately not a very good dog trainer and Sooty is a Kelpie Koolie cross who loves to herd and play his games with the cattle, he doesnt know when to stop but with the help of the collar he is doing great, I can ride through the mob on the motorbike and I can see his ears go back and know he is about to do his job of rounding up the cattle but a little beep and he pulls in beside the bike as we check for new calves. He is getting better day by day and less beeps are needed.

Marty collar

Really good collar just a bit hard to fig out with the anti bark hope it’s a water proof as you say as he swims a lot

An amazing difference!

A really great tool to help solve the constant barking. We now have a much calmer and happier dog.

Great training aid

Ziggy wasn’t too sure at first what or where the sound came from. After a voice command to stop then the sound of the collar he is now correcting his barking. Very happy.

Fast, ordered one day got it the next

Aetertek AT-919C Dog Training Collar

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar

Battery life

What type? And running time between charging

Amazing service and results

I purchased this collar for an over excited large puppy, who jumped, nipped and barked when over excited or if we were leaving him home. This collar worked instantly, we saw amazing results and now a week after using it, as soon as we put the collar on, our puppy knows not to make a sound and doesnt even try, he doesnt jump or nip either. After 12 hours of having the collar our puppy chewed the charger up though, but one email to Aetertek and we had a replacement sent out free of charge. Excellent service and results overall - thank you

It works!

They are excellent!
After wearing for a short while I dont even have to turn it on. Thats how good they are

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar

Brilliant product.

Awesome product. Easy to use and works a treat. Havent used the shock button yet as the vibration and audio tone is more than enough to break the dogs concentration and stop him from barking or misbehaving. Did test shock on myself on level 1..even that wasn't pleasant so can't imagine what kind of elephant would need level 10. Lol

Fast complaints at all

Customer Service

I needed to contact the customer service line via email. I received a prompt message back and whenever I needed assistance the company was only to happy to help! Great customer service . Thank you

Aetertek AT-918C Dog Training Collar

The trainer

Fantastic product. Easy to use. Good battery life. All in a neat carry bag.

Dream dog

My 30kg American bully is a dream dog now. He only needs to hear the first warning to stop and listen to our commands. Should of got one sooner :)

Excellent for behaviour modification

My dog is a rescue and has only had the training I have provided as a novice owner (sit, stay, come, etc). We asked the RSPCA for a low energy, placid dog. I don't know what breed she is but I have since discovered she has a high prey drive and jaws of steel. We live in town and the majority of her time is spent in & around the house with trips to the park and games of fetch. We were going off to a sheep station recently acquired by relatives and I was worried about how she would react to the stock. Upon arrival I took her for a walk on the lead and true to form she tried to attack the first sheep she came across. After trying all the settings on my arm first, I put the Aetertek collar on her and took her for another walk on the lead, gradually increasing the collar's response (from sound initially then through to shock) until I found the right setting. I then took her off the lead and used the collar anytime she went to attack the sheep. After 10 days she was fine to go off on walks through the paddocks and be in the pens and ignore the sheep.

AT-919A Bark Collar

Great collar, works well shame change in colour, orange was easier to find ☺

Great Product

Fast shipping and the product works great!

Training collar

Great product, works great,

Very Happy

Works well


Its amazing will recommend to enyone